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Vision From Site To Skyline And Beyond.

Founded in 2005 and based in Manhattan, HFZ Capital Group brings together unblinking foresight, fearless creativity and unwavering financial acumen in world class developments designed to make markets and shape cities. A successful value-generating development goes way beyond the edifice. HFZ’s multifaceted organization functions seamlessly, at the highest levels, across all real estate disciplines—from underwriting to analytics, structured finance, investment, development, construction and asset management. This depth and breadth of expertise enables HFZ to capitalize on opportunities worldwide in a range of asset classes including residential, office, hotel, retail, sports and entertainment.

HFZ’s residential credentials are vast and varied; encompassing acquisition, development and construction of Manhattan mixed-use residential condominiums. Recent projects range from the city’s most prominent turn of the century landmarks—The Chatsworth and The Belnord—to the future of urban architecture, The Eleventh and The Bryant. As principled as it is prolific, HFZ is equally committed to restoring and preserving historic buildings and to partnering with the world’s most visionary architects to create the edifices that epitomize next generation living. As a result, HFZ is presently managing more than $10 billion worth of development, including more than 6 million square feet and 2,500 residential units throughout Manhattan.

Uniquely Structured
for Success.

With complete vertical integration and a team with decades of experience in investing and executing on opportunities across the real estate spectrum, HFZ has the ability to act quickly and decisively when evaluating new opportunities.

With assessment and mitigation of risk as a key guiding principle in formulating our strategy and business plan, HFZ boasts a track record demonstrating success in both sourcing and executing on new opportunities throughout each point in a market cycle.

Investment Criteria

– Investment description: Seeking yields commensurate with opportunistic and value-add investment strategies.

– Asset classes: Residential, hotel, office, retail, sports and entertainment.

– Project type: Ground-up development as well as renovation of existing buildings; master planning opportunities.

– Geography: Focused on all major urban markets throughout the United States (current projects located in New York, Miami, San Francisco, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago and New Jersey).

Debt and Preferred Equity

In, 2017, HFZ, in partnership with Anthony Tufariello, formerly of Fortress Investment Group, and Randy Reiff, formerly of Cerberus and JP Morgan, launched Allegiant Real Estate Capital. Allegiant is a commercial real estate investment management company that originates, acquires and manages first mortgage loans, mezzanine loans, B-notes, preferred equity and CMBS securities. Allegiant offers borrowers a "one-stop" solution with the ability to offer customized commercial real estate debt investment strategies across the entire yield and risk spectrum.

With a dedicated team of 10 investment professionals, the majority of whom have worked with Mr. Reiff for more than a decade and, collectively, have been responsible for completing more than $100 billion of commercial real estate transactions over the past two decades, Allegiant is positioned to be a leader in the real estate debt space due to its combination of vast lending and credit experience and the ability for HFZ to contribute its real estate operating expertise when evaluating opportunities throughout the capital stack.

In 2017, the platform’s first year of operations, Allegiant originated $750 million of loans on behalf of an institutional investor.

Designed For Impact. Visually. Spatially. Sociologically. Financially.

An HFZ project is never just a structure. It is the culmination of a vision. As a developer and a design connoisseur with a personal and professional connection to New York, Ziel Feldman is committed to positively evolving the culture of the city for posterity. Seeking out the most prominent architects of our time, HFZ has pushed parameters in every aspect; setting new standards in the process. With creativity and profitability working in tandem, neighborhoods form where there were none, forsaken landmarks regain their lost luster and aesthetically arresting towers rise to halo the world’s greatest city as one whose sights are firmly fixed on a radiant future. HFZ’s eclectic and distinguished portfolio is designed to be appreciated from both a creative and investment perspective. By enabling visionary design and inventive finance, HFZ has become a magnet for the world’s top design talent, and is synonymous with a growing number of firsts. The Bryant is David Chipperfield’s first ground up residential building in the United States, Thomas Juul-Hansen’s work at 505 West 19th Street carries this same distinction. More recently, the Six Senses Hotel at The Eleventh will be this notable hospitality group’s first project in the United States. The desirable and daring momentum of each successive accomplishment infuses the city with new energy and lifts it to new heights.

Restoring Old Landmarks. Creating New Ones.

Understanding that edifices exist far beyond the moment they’re created, HFZ is equally invested in the past and the future. An equal focus on construction and preservation allows the continual development of attainable luxury properties that carry a sense of history in a range of livable neighborhoods. While the assemblages required to bring these restorations can be complex, it is well worth it from both an aesthetic and investment point of view. HFZ conversions bear a strong signature: vast living spaces with modern amenities set against a backdrop of character and charm. Beyond their relative value per square foot versus new construction, when refreshed, these venerable properties have the power to become an enduring part of the community and the citizenry of the city in a whole new way.

Unrivaled Sales and Marketing Expertise

HFZ's seasoned in house sales and marketing professionals draw on a combined track record of over five decades of experience and more than $20B in sales. Working with world-renowned architects, interior designers, national and international brokerages to continually stay abreast of market trends and demographics and psychographics of sought after customers to create value for its portfolio of exceptional properties this astutely comprehensive approach is unparalleled in the industry and affords HFZ a competitive advantage. Rounding out its vertically integrated platform, the sales and marketing division continues to grow with the portfolio.

Exceptional Service. Made Exponential.

HFZ’s management company operates with the highest standards and a resident first philosophy, in order to provide residents with a peerless end to end experience. All of our staff are trained by the renowned Forbes training guide to provide the ultimate level of luxury, and customer service.

Comprised of an executive team that synergizes up-to-the-moment innovation with decades of experience, HFZ Property Management LLC has established itself as an industry bellwether. Daily, exceptional service activated by forward-thinking training and marketing platforms drives growth and streamlines operations and portfolio accretion while delivering a modern bespoke personal experience. More than a success model, it is proof that HFZ’s project involvement doesn’t end once the last residence is sold. In fact, it is just beginning.

Meet The HFZ Team

The World of HFZ

HFZ takes pride in its stellar reputation for restoring and preserving historic buildings to their original grace and refinement.
HFZ’s residential credentials are vast and varied.